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Consultation to Open Doncaster UTC in September 2020

In May 2019, Doncaster UTC completion a consultation to engage with the local community and stakeholders on the proposal to open a university technical college in Doncaster in September 2020. Our consultation involved a number of activities including a Launch Pad event held at CAST Theatre on 22ndMay 2019, an online survey, and materials sent out to local stakeholders and available on our website. 

From this consultation period, we have gathered feedback and comments that we will take forward to develop Doncaster UTC further. We will also use this information to provide the Department for Education a report on our findings.  The Department for Education and the Secretary of State will consider this report when making a decision on entering into a Funding Agreement with the UTC.  We are pleased to confirm that the comments and feedback received were positive and provided the UTC team with areas in which they can improve the offer or add value to our marketing information and messages.

In summary, the following comments and feedback were received and a Doncaster UTC response is also provided:

  • Would like to see more specialisms

University technical colleges are unique in that they provide a different way of learning for those students looking to choose a career in STEM-related careers. Specialisms in UTC’s, and certainly at Doncaster UTC, link heavily to the local economic priorities and the partners and employers who have joined with the UTC.  Engineering and creative & digital technologies is a clear priority for Doncaster and its surrounding areas and also fits neatly with a raft of local employers.  That said, the curriculum at Doncaster UTC is not limiting and will provide students will an outstanding and solid education to continue their education and careers in a number of sectors and roles.  

  • Yet to be convinced employers will deliver what is needed

The relationship that Doncaster UTC has with its employers is critical to its success. Doncaster UTC has now been working with its group of employers since 2015.  We have spent a great deal of time detailing how we will work with employers and their role in the UTC.  We are confident that these relationships are solid as well as the new relationships we are building as the UTC develops.  We have created a curriculum/industry group to look at the UTC’s curriculum and how employers will provide project-based learning. Doncaster UTC will also feature employer representation on its Local Governing Board to ensure these partnerships continue and develop to remain relevant for the UTC and its students.

  • Concerns regarding parking at the UTC site

Doncaster UTC is aware that parking in the area could cause concerns for some.  The UTC will have some parking provision however, we are also working with Doncaster MBC to agree further opportunities to ease this concern.  Likewise, Doncaster UTC will also consider alternative travel opportunities and support any programmes to alleviate parking concerns.

  • Concerns the UTC will be able to recruit enough pupils

Ensuring Doncaster UTC recruits the required number of students is important to ensure it has the finances required to deliver its vision and curriculum.  We now have a Principal, Garath Rawson in place. One of the first priorities for Garath and the UTC team is to engage and communicate with young people and their families who may consider Doncaster UTC as a potential option for them in 2020. The UTC has organised a series of events and marketing campaigns to reach out and engage with the wider community. In addition to this, we have worked with Doncaster MBC to reach those families who have children who

  • Ensure opportunities for all abilities and meeting the needs of disaffected young people

Doncaster UTC provides a broad and flexible pathway curriculum designed for students to study a range of subjects to suit their needs and ability. Education focusing on specialisms will allow students to develop employability skills that are sought after, ensuring students of all abilities leave with positive destinations. 

Doncaster UTC is pleased to see that the feedback received and the engagement in the consultation process was positive and provided the team with clear areas to develop.

Consultation to Open Doncaster UTC in September 2020

Posted: Sep 10, 2019

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