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We’re so lucky here at Doncaster UTC to have the full support of some of the borough’s top employers who are playing a crucial role in shaping our curriculum and being partners to the UTC which will be of huge benefit to our students. Here, in our first guest Q&A, we find out more about Paul Preskey from employer partner, Agemaspark.


Tell us a little about your company?

Agemaspark is small SME currently employing 15 people we are a precision engineering company here in Doncaster since 2002, we work in many sectors of manufacturing from aerospace engine components, power generation turbines, Gas & Oil equipment, plastic mould tool making, medical products and many more. We service companies from all over the UK and abroad even exporting to China.


How did you get to your position as workshop manager?

My role at Agemaspark is workshop manager which means I have many responsibilities. On a daily basis I have to monitor and distribute the workload through the correct processes to result in a finished product that meets both Agemaspark’s and our customers standards.

I do this by collecting information given to Agemaspark from our customers, which I then put a procedure process in place for and gather the drawings and information needed to carry out this work, I then pass this information to the appropriate section to start production. I also have the responsibility of using both CAD & CAM software to aid our abilities to make high quality products.


What’s the best thing about your job?

The best thing about my job is the variety in my workload. We carry out work for different aspects of manufacturing such as aerospace, surgical, food processing, mould tool and metal working.


Did you always want to have a career in engineering?

No before I started on my journey in engineering I wanted to pursue a career in joinery. However, I feel both jobs have a similar principals and I have found I can take the skills I have learned in engineering and use them in day to day life.


What education route did you take?

From school I was bored of the classroom and textbooks and wanted a more hands on approach. I chose to take the apprentice route of learning whilst working and this had the benefits of getting paid to do so.


What was your favorite subject at school?

My favorite subject at school was maths which is a big factor in engineering and could be the reason why I enjoy it.


Why do you feel there is the need for Doncaster UTC?

I feel there is a need for Doncaster UTC because I have seen firsthand how difficult it is to recruit new apprentices that have the basic skills that help them thrive in a career in engineering. There is a lack of young people with the correct mindset and attitude towards becoming a qualified engineer.


 How do you think the UTC will benefit young people and business in this area?

Doncaster UTC will benefit young people by giving them more of an insight into a working environment. They will be educated whilst learning the basics to thrive in engineering. They will be able to have a more hands on approach to learning, which I feel is a better method of teaching. I believe that Doncaster UTC will be the place to go to recruit the next generation of young engineers to help companies move forward in the future.


What advice do you have for young people who are interested in a STEM based career?

My advice to anyone who is interested in STEM base career would be to go for it. You will find that not only will you receive qualifications but you will learn skills that can aid you on a daily basis.

You will also be more likely to succeed in a career in engineering in the future as you will be in contact with engineering firms whilst at Doncaster UTC.


What are you looking for in your employees?

Well rounded individuals that want to learn and develop to their full potential to be part of a successful team, to be willing to go the extra mile to find success, willing to listen and learn and push the boundaries. But most of all enjoy the work that they do and the rewards will come.


Tell us an interesting fact about yourself!

An interesting fact about myself is that in my first year in my apprenticeship whilst doing my BTEC at Rotherham collage of arts and technology I received the apprentice of the year award.






Posted: Aug 13, 2019

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