Brighter Futures Learning Partnership Trust

The Brighter Futures Learning Partnership Trust (BFLPT) is a culmination of an already strong partnership of schools. The Trust will form with one secondary school and five primary schools in September 2019 with Doncaster UTC set to join in late Spring 2020.

Securing excellence

BFLPT is committed to securing excellence in all its schools, inspiring all students to achieve their personal best. We believe that through strong collaboration we can provide fulfilling and enriching learning experiences which help young people develop the knowledge and skills they need to lead successful and fruitful lives and which foster a love of learning that lasts a lifetime. Equally, they will have the self-confidence and wider life skills which enable them to move successfully to university or the workplace.

Adding Capacity and Value

BFLPT will enable Doncaster UTC, and all its schools, to share capacity and expertise. By bringing a local group of schools together each will be able to provide support as well as benefitting from additional expertise. Doncaster UTC will add a new element to the Trust through an alternative progression from Year 9 onwards. BFLPT will support the UTC, critically in its early years, to develop Good and Outstanding teaching, instil excellent monitoring and tracking, and support teachers and senior leaders to ensure Doncaster UTC and its students can achieve and progress to the highest standards.


At the heart of our vision is the development of exceptional care and academic performance through diverse, context-driven learning experiences; we value the diversity of each educational establishment but believe that we are stronger together. We will continue to celebrate each school’s own unique identity but will also recognise the benefits of sharing the best practice as well as harnessing the additional resource that both Partners in Learning Teaching School Alliance and Doncaster Research Schools will bring to the Trust.

BFLPT will:

  • Have endless ambition and high aspiration for all our students and staff
  • Develop strong values and a positive ethos which are aligned to each school within the Trust
  • Collaborate to provide the best learning experiences for students and staff; create collaborative and challenging partnerships
  • Create reflective, diverse learning communities which use evidence-based practice to secure the highest performance outcomes and standards
  • Provide students with rich learning experiences which allow them to develop holistically
  • Raise aspiration and tackle disadvantage to ensure all young people succeed
  • Provide strong support for operational needs to enable Headteachers and school leaders to focus on the development of teaching and learning.

We are unique in that our secondary curriculum will be enhanced by the offer from Doncaster UTC which includes a range of academic and technical pathways aligned to future career opportunities, both locally and regionally.

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